A Poke In The Brain is the consulting and development firm created and run by David Zakary. The goal of A Poke In The Brain is to help solve your information problems.

A Poke In The Brain specializes in the development of FileMaker Pro-based applications. We design systems that work for both your staff and your customers. We design custom solutions to meet your unique needs. Recognizing that every organization has individual needs we will never use a cookie-cutter solution for your project. Your needs are unique - so your solution should be just as unique.

What’s New…

• Case Study on creating custom apps in FileMaker Pro

A Poke In The What?

Several years ago a client approached us about creating a new online presence for his company.

He had been told by friends that his current website was for the "brain dead".

His direction to us was to "poke it in the brain" - bring it to life and and make it more engaging.

Years later, when starting my own firm I remembered the client and the name stuck.

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