Solving Problems

Our business is solving problems; data problem, workflow problems, information problems, usability problems. Pretty much any kind of workplace problem.

Improving Usability

The usability of a system is key to it being used effectively.

If your website, database or workflow processes are difficult to use, you're losing money. These are some basic things to examine when considering usability:
  • How easy is it to use?
  • Can tasks be easily identified and understood?
  • How quickly can these tasks be performed?
  • Can those tasks be repeated easily?
  • Is the interface confusing?
  • Is your message communicated?

Information Architecture

The way in which a website's content is organized is known as its information architecture. This is how visitors to your website will perceive your organization; by how easy it is to find the information they need to accomplish a task.

FileMaker Pro Application Development

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How well is information managed in your organization?

How many places is critical information kept? CRM? Email? Spreadsheet? Text Messages? Phone? Paper?

Critical business information can easily be missed or lost without a centralized information management system.

FileMaker Pro is the best-selling database application available today.

FileMaker is a rapid-development, easy to deploy database application that meets the needs of companies from one person to thousands of employees.

A Poke In The Brain has created FileMaker projects of all kinds - contact management, web, invoicing, data management, inventory control, scheduling and project management systems to list a few. The companies have ranged in size from single-person consultancies to organizations of hundreds of people in multiple locations.

The common factor with all of these projects is that it has been very easy to collect, organize, manage, deploy and analyze data using FileMaker Pro.

We like FileMaker Pro because:

  • Return on Investment - is very quick
  • It is very quick to develop with - making client's data available faster
  • Multiple delivery methods - client, web-based, runtime application, mobile devices. Whatever your needs are FileMaker can likely create for it.
  • Cross Platform - Windows? Macintosh? Mobile? Web? FileMaker can do them all. Mixed networks are no problem.
  • Cost Effective - compared to other database applications, FileMaker's cost of deployment per user is quite low
  • Usability - out of the box, FileMaker is intuitive and easy to use; making your employees more productive, faster.
  • Flexibility - chances are, whatever you need to do with your data, FileMaker can handle it
  • Scalable - if you're starting with simple needs, your database can grow with you as your needs increase

FileMaker @ APITB

If you need to organize information, APITB will work with you to determine what form your solution needs to take. We work with existing data systems, build new applications, move data from other systems to FileMaker and work to make you and your staff more productive.

Details about some of our FileMaker projects can be found in the Case Studies section.

More information about FileMaker Pro can be found at

Website Development

Ah the Internet. We've been working on websites since the days before Internet Explorer and Netscape. Those were the days - no Flash, animated GIFs, video or even table layouts. Text, links and jpegs were all you got and 28.8 modems were the standard of the day. How did we get anything done back then?

Today's Internet is an entirely different animal, fast bandwidth, web-based apps, cloud computing, new kinds of interactivity, social networking and mobile devices.

One of the few things that has remained constant since the birth of the Internet is the need for good content and strong usability. Technology will come and go but there will always be a need for good content and usability. This is where A Poke In The Brain focuses its efforts.


A Poke In The Brain focuses less on the technology web and more on the structure of the website and making sure it fits the needs of your organization.

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